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My son has participated in this program for the past summer and for several of the fall weekend programs as well. The staff always make him feel welcome and he comes home full of excitement from all the great experiences. While the programming is excellent, the thing I really value about this program is how my son feels accepted just as he is. He has developed relationships, enjoyed new experiences, and best of all felt appreciated and welcomed, just as he is. Thank you for everything you do!

Leslie - Parent 

November 2021

Trish - Parent

November 2021

I was so happy to have found an inclusive social group for our son, since there is a severe gap in experiential learning activities and services for individuals 15 years and older in our immediate area. Steph and Alyssa took the time to come and meet with us and our son; to listen to his story; and, to answer all of our questions. Our son joined their summer camp groups and had a fabulous time. Steph and Alyssa are patient, fun, and organized. Russ always has a smile on his face at the end of the day and he has made some great friends. We are thrilled to have discovered The Brighter Horizons Program!

Our daughter spent the summer of 2020 with Alyssa and Steph. The girls were very organized and had planned out the whole summer including a "to bring list" which was very helpful for parents! Our daughter loved the different activities and tried so many new things while being supported the whole time. The program helped our daughter grow as an individual. Our daughter had a great summer hanging out with her friends and created some great memories. 

Penny - Parent

June 2021

"Le programme ''The Brighter Horizons Program'' permet à notre garçon de s'épanouir pleinement tout en créant de nouvelles amitiés. Byron développe une confiance en lui-même et il peut la maintenir avec assurance au quotidien. Pour un garçon qui souffre d'anxiété, il a toujours hâte de participer aux différentes activités soit des compétences de vie, sport, etc.


Translation: "The Brighter Horizons Program" allows our boy to develop fully while creating new friendships. Byron develops self-confidence and can confidently maintain it on a daily basis. For a boy who suffers from anxiety, he is always eager to participate in different activities, such as life skills, sports, etc. "

Karen - Parent

June 2021

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