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Our Services

Life Skills

Life skills are an important part of learning how to be independent. We offer participants the chance to learn new life skills as well as improving on some that have already been taught. Whether it be cooking, gardening or wood work, participants have every opportunity to grow their skills set within our program. 

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The Brighter Horizons Program provides plenty of opportunities to learn new sports, stay active and enjoy the sun. Learning how to work together as a team to achieve a common goal helps to build positive relationships with other members of the Brighter Horizons community.  

Art Activities

Participants are given supplies to be as creative as they choose. With some guidance and support from the team at the Brighter Horizons Program, participants are able to work on various arts and crafts activities. 


Community Recreation

The Brighter Horizons Program enjoys participating in various recreational activities such as bowling, museums, mini putting as well as many more. 

Exploring the Outdoors

Our summer schedule includes many trips to various trails. We will enjoy exploring the trails and participate in some geocaching, scavenger hunts and sight seeing. 

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